Odin’s names

I mentioned the importance of the meanings of the names in Norse mythology. Regarding this matter I want to talk about Odin and his many names! I will first recite the relevant excerpt of stanza 20 “Odin the All-Father” of the prose Edda by Snorri Sturluson, translated into English by Jesse Byock, a professor at UCLA (expert); followed by another translation by Maria Kvilhaug, deciphering the meanings of the names that are being spat out so carelessly by the expert. At this time I must mention, that the Professor indeed does translate the meanings of names in the appendix, yet with no skill or heart of a bard and without any spiritual insight at all. Odin represents the core spirit of the universe and life itself.


Odin is called All-Father, because he is the Father of all the Gods.He is also called Father of the Slain (Val-Father), because all who fall in battle are his adopted sons. With them he mans Valhalla and Vingolf, and they are known as the Einherjer. He is also called Hanga-God (God of the Hanged), Hapta-God (God of Prisoners) and Farma-God (God of Cargoes), and he named himself in many other ways on his visit to King Geirrod:

I call myself Grim

and Gangleri,

Herjan, Hjalmberi,

Thekk, Thrid,

Thunn, Unn,

Helblindi, Har,

Sann, Svipal,


Herteit, Hnikar,

Bileyg, Baleyg,,

Bolverk, Fjolnir,

Grimnir, Glapsvid, Fjolsvid,

Sidhott, Sidskegg,

Sig-Father, Hnikud,

All-Father, Atrid, Farmatyr,

Oski, Omi,

Jafnhar, Blindi,

Gondlir, Harbard, Svidur, Svidrir,

Jalk, Kjalar, Vidur,

Thror, Ygg, Thund,

Vak, Skilfing,

Vafud, Hroptatyr,

Gaut, Veratyr.’”

Next is the translation of the original Norse text by theladyofthelabyrinth.com, Maria Kvilhaug.

I copied this text as it is directly from her website, all credits for this go to her.

46. I called myself Masked
I called myself Wandering Learning
The Ruler, the Helmet-Carrier (=Carrier of the Mind)
Beloved and Third,Thin Mist and Wave, Death-Blinder and High

47. Truth and Perishable and Truth-Guesser
Joy of the Moment and Pushing Forth
Towards Sight, Fire-Eyed
Harm-Doer, The One Who Is Many
Hooded and Masked
Bright Knowledge and Much Knowing

48. Broad Hat, Broad Beard
Victory Father and Pushed
All Father, Choice Father
Close Weight and God of Burdens :

Never did I have just one name
as I moved among people

49. I was called The Masked One
in the halls of Spear Source
and Castrate in the house of Divine Watersource
Cauldron I was called when I pulled the sledge
Faith I was at parliament
Expander at the battleground
Ashes and Oven
Just-as-High and Vibrating Path
Magic Wand and Long-Beard among the gods

50. The Burner and the Burned
I was called at Sunken Memory
I tricked the ancient giant
when the son of Mead-Witness
the mighty giant
died in battle with me
54. The Spirit, my name is now
The Old One I was before
and Thin Mist before that
Awakening and Shivering
Veiled Wave and Shattered God
Human and Castrate among gods
Opener and Closer
and all I believe
stem from me only

Following is the original text in Old Norse, also copied from her website:

46. Hetomc Grímr, hetomc Gangleri, Herian oc Hialmberi, Þeccr oc Þriði, Þuðr oc Uðr, Helblindi oc Hár.
47. Saðr oc Svipall oc Sanngetall, Herteitr oc Hnicarr, Bíleygr, Báleygr, Bólvercr, Fiölnir, Grímr oc Grímnir, Glapsviðr oc Fiölsviðr
48. Siþhattr, Siþsceggr, Sigfaðr, Hnicuðr, Alfaðr, Valfaðr, Atríðr oc Farmatyr;
eino nafni hetomc aldregi, siz ec meþ folcom fór
49. Grimne mic héto at Geirraðar,
enn Ialc at Asmundar, enn þa Kialar  er ec kialca dró,
Þrór þingom at, Viðvrr at vigom, Osci oc Ómi, Iafnhár oc Biflindi,
Göndlir oc Hárbarðr meþ goðom
50. Sviðurr oc Sviðrir er ec het at Söccmimis, oc dulða ec þann inn aldna iotun,
þa er ec Miðviþnis varc ins mora burar ordinn einbani.
54. Óðinn ec nu heiti, Yggr ec áþan het,
hetvmc Þundr fyrir þat:
Vacr oc Scilfingr, Váfuþr oc Hroptatýr, Gautr oc Ialcr meþ goðom, Ofnir oc Svafnir,

er ec hygg at orðnir se
allir af einom mer

For further information and deeper understanding of this matter I highly recommend to watch video #29 on this website:


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